Survival Weapons And Tactics – April 2017

Right here in the April issue of S.W.A.T. we feature an up close look at the FBI’s new issue pistol, the Glock 19M.

You’ll also find a review of the Arsenal SAM7R-65 AK/Dead Air Armament PBS-1 suppressor combo and CMMG’s MkW Anvil .458 SOCOM big-bore AR-pattern rifle.

Also inside: Dick Williams attends a 21st Century carbine/pistol class at Gunsite with a .41 Magnum wheelgun paired with a levergun in the same chambering, EOTech’s new .300BLK-specific XPS2-300 gets an evaluation, and Pat Rogers’ invaluable article on avoiding carbine malfunctions gets a much-needed reprint.

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