Serious Crimes (A Willows and Parker Mystery)

Serious Crimes (A Willows and rker Mystery) - Laurence GoughJack Willows and Claire Parker are investigating the death of Kenny Lee, a local owner of a Chinese newspaper.

He was discovered encased in ice, posed in a Lotus position in Sun Yat-Sen Gardens.

Such a prominent figure of the community, posed in such a manner, sparks outrage within the community.

Can Willows and Parker solve the mystery before the leads run dry?

Billy and Garret are low level criminals, experienced in car theft and stereo boosting.

Unhappy with petty crimes, they are scheming for a more lucrative target. Grand armed robbery.

Using their knowledge of the area and procuring the necessary weapons from local gangs, can they succeed in their new venture?

Will the robbery succeed or will the plan backfire?

Nancy Crown is a victim of carjacking. A terrifying ordeal that has left her emotionally confused.

Why can’t she stop thinking about her assailant?

Are the cigarette butts she locates in her garden each day from him scoping out the house?

Or is her mind playing tricks on her?

Surely it is just her imagination that is running wild…

Seemingly unconnected individuals lives are entwined as the murder investigation reaches its dramatic conclusion.

Serious Crimes is a cleverly written and fast paced crime novel, full of twists to keep you guessing until the last page.

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