National Geographic History – May/June 2017

Features 18 The Hieroglyphics Puzzle Centuries of dogged, scholarly efforts to crack the hieroglyphic code saved the meanings once locked inside Egypt’s sacred script.

30 Agatha Christie in Mesopotamia A sojourn to the Middle East changed the crime writer’s life, leading to a lifelong love affair with archaeology and an archaeologist, Max Mallowan.

42 The Truth About Archimedes Colorful writings paint the ancient Greek inventor as a brilliant scientist with a knack for being at the center of a good story 52 The Roman Underground Miles of catacombs covered in vivid wall a monuments to early Christianity in the Roman Empire 66 Theof Notre-Dame Through massive walls, soaring arches, and leering gargoyles this Gothic masterpiece tells the story of Franc 80 Amerigo Vespucci Vespucci transfixed 16th-century Europe with true (and not-so-true) tales of a new continent.

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