Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics 1st ed

Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics - Jean BricmontThis book explains, in simple terms, with a minimum of mathematics, why things can appear to be in two places at the same time, why

correlations between simultaneous events occurring far apart cannot be explained by local mechanisms, and why, nevertheless, the quantum theory can be understood in terms of matter in motion.

No need to worry, as some people do, whether a cat can be both dead and alive, whether the moon is there when nobody looks at it, or whether quantum systems need an observer to acquire definite properties.

The author’s inimitable and even humorous style makes the book a pleasure to read while bringing a new clarity to many of the longstanding puzzles of quantum physics.

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Categories:   Non-fiction, Physics

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  • Posted: 09/11/2017 01:09

    John Bronson

    Interesting Take