A Fractured World by Laurence Moore

In a future world devoid of medicine, is the ability to heal a gift … or a curse?

Emil is a Pure One, a scarred and one-eyed young woman with the ability to save life through touch. Stone is the Tongueless Man, a violent and ruthless drifter who rescues her from bounty hunters and offers her protection. She agrees to travel with him, and his companion Tomas, across the blistered and unforgiving landscape of Gallen, a world filled with scavengers, bandit gangs and ruins.

Yet there will be no refuge for her.

The demented and murderous Cleric, a powerful tribal warlord, is driven to cleanse Gallen of her kind and Emil also discovers the bounty hunters were sent from Chett – Gallen’s only city, where corruption is rife and citizens lead simple and low-tech lives.

Now, in this devastated future, in the deserts and on city streets, two worlds are set for an explosive collision.

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Categories:   Fiction

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