Fate by Michael Dean

Hell hath no fury like one of its own.

Drift Demon Leo Cutler and his human girlfriend Shade Lewis have faced unimaginable dangers in Leo’s quest for Diccittidel, his freedom from hell. Now the world around them has grown even darker, becoming a true descent into madness, and suddenly Diccittidel is no longer Leo’s sole purpose.

Past and present become intertwined, and Leo no longer knows who is pulling the strings.

When Leo regains memories of his human life, he discovers his past is irrevocably bound to his present, and his overlord Christian has a maniacal master plan. Events are set in motion which cannot be undone, and Leo is the key to stopping Christian’s quest for absolute power.

Just when all seems darkest, a ray of hope shines.

Amidst devastating revelations, Leo and Shade fight to bring light to their embattled love. The ranks of their family and friends is expanding, and a new path of enlightenment just might be possible.

To travel this brighter path, however, Leo and Shade must first survive long enough to see it unveiled. But how can they succeed when Christian is determined to finally seal their FATE?

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Categories:   Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy

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