Falling for Sakura by Alexia Praks

A Secret Proposal-- Part 1 (Falling for Sakura #2)

Falling for Sakura: A Secret Proposal Part 1 (Falling for Sakura Trilogy) by Alexia Praks

The story of Sakura and the Princeton brothers continues in A Secret Proposal Part 1.

When orphan Sakura Tanaka sneaks into a famous Japanese designer’s fashion show in order to meet her biological mother, she doesn’t anticipate a complication that will turn her world upside down.

Through mistaken identity, she ends up modelling for the designer, which in turn leads to an unexpected encounter with her seven drop-dead gorgeous adoptive brothers, two of which have intentions for her heart.

One of them is Sebastian Princeton, the handsome multi-billionaire real estate investor, who isn’t afraid to show his feelings for her and openly pursues her. The other is Darcy Princeton, the multi-billionaire game designer and entrepreneur, whose love Sakura has always secretly possessed.

To whom will Sakura ultimately give her heart?

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