Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Complete Series by Jeff Kinney (EPUB)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (11 Book Box Set) by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a series of fiction books written by the American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney.

All the main books are the journals of the main character, Greg Heffley. Befitting a child’s diary, the books are filled with hand-written notes and simple drawings of Greg’s daily adventures.

The series started off online on Funbrain in 2004 and made its print debut in April of 2007.

There are now more than 180 million copies of Diary of a Wimpy Kid books available in 61 editions and 52 languages.

Book List:

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The introduction to the series introduces the protagonist, Greg Heffley, his best friend Rowley, his middle school problems, Halloween, and the Cheese Touch.

2. Rodrick Rules

The second book in the series is about Greg’s relationship with his older brother Rodrick, the Mom Bucks program, the high school party, and the talent show and the troubles faced by Greg because of Rodrick.

3. The Last Straw

The third book in the series is about the conflict between Greg and his crush, Holly Hills, the soccer team, Spag Union Military Academy, boy scouts, and Seth Snella’s half-birthday party.

4. Dog Days

The fourth book in the series is about Greg’s summer vacation, his mother and how she expects Greg to spend a sporty summer, and their new dog, Sweetie.

5. The Ugly Truth

The fifth book in the series is about Greg and Rowley’s friendship, his great-grandmother Gammie, troubles of puberty, the school lock-in, and his Uncle Gary’s fourth wedding.

6. Cabin Fever

The sixth book in the series is about Greg, Manny, the playground, accidental vandalism, Christmas, and a blizzard.

7. The Third Wheel

The seventh book in the series is about Greg’s date with Abigail for the school dance, Uncle Gary, the restaurant, Valentine’s Day, chicken pox, and his life story and the hitch about no one knowing who shall be lucky in love.

8. Hard Luck

The eighth book in the series is about Rowley and Abigail’s relationship and Greg’s and Rowley’s, Fregley, the five second rule, a Magic 8-Ball, the Easter party, Meemaw’s ring, the Mingo Kids, and his aunts.

9. The Long Haul

The ninth book in the series is about the Heffley family’s extremely disastrous road trip, their new pet pig, the country fair, the motel, their continuous encounters with the Beardo family, and the family’s suspicion that the Beardos have stolen their luggage and belongings.

10. Old School

The tenth book in the series is about Greg’s grandfather staying with the Heffley family, him attending a school trip to Headscrabble Farms to avoid his father’s anger after accidentally destroying his car, the town becoming electronic-free for a week, and the mythology of deranged farmer Silas Scratch.

11. Double Down

The eleventh book in the series is about Greg’s forced friendship with neighborhood boy Maddox Selsam, the Halloween party, and his horror film project Night of the Night Crawlers.

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